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Monday, March 5, 2012
News from the Social Quarters Manager
Stop in the Lodge and see all our new improvements! We have new paint inside and out, a new roof to keep the rain out this spring and new air conditioning to keep you cool this summer!

We are planning some new events at the Lodge...our Kill The Keg Party on March 24th and our Bon Voyage to our Northern Friends Party with our First Annual Chicken and Ribs BBQ on April 14th. Please come out and support these functions.

Remember North Port Moose has it all FOOD,FUN AND FRATERALISM.

Pam Frohling

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Thursday, July 30, 2015
from Moose International
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Administrator's Message
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Here we are in July and things are still going on at the Lodge. Nosh Night, the Moose Legion Picnic, the Moose Rider’s Show Me the Money, Meetings, Meetings, and more Meetings, Committees are jumping, and still the North Port Moose continues strive for better.

Some items that need to be addressed:

The new card reader has been in for some time and you need to USE IT! Yes, we had some problems with it for a short time and Yes, some individuals may still have a problem now and then, but all in all, the system is working much better. So what does this all do? It allows the bartenders to do what they should…bartend and not have to constantly buzz you in the front door. It also makes it much easier to determine that you are a paid up Moose member. Yep, if your card is expired, the card reader will not give you access to the lodge.

So to sum this up……
Throw away that yellow card, put your Moose card in the reader, slide it through the reader with the magnetic strip toward the door and slide it through slowly!!. If your card will not work in the reader, let me know. I will try it and if it is a real problem, I will order you a new card from International.

Our security cameras are up and running. They have already paid for themselves twice with the recording of two incidents that occurred at the Lodge. They are here to stay and for your protection and security. In the near future there will be some additions to the system too.

The Governor and I will be attending the Moose International Convention in Tampa during the early part of July. Your Treasurer, Al Reeves, will be standing in for the Administrator during this time (June 28-July 4). Remember to give him a break! He has a lot to do and is not as versed in the job as I. If you need something done by Al, remember to BE PATIENT! And give him a hand if need be.

And, last but not least, remember that during this time of the year, money coming into the Lodge slows down. We do, however, still have bills to pay and commitments to honor and need to continue with our monetary support. The Snowbirds will return, but until that time, being FRUGAL with our money is a MUST!

As always, my door is open. Come in and say “Hi”.

Larry Brown
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